Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Bonsai Fruits

Selling bonsai (miniature) fruit trees that bear full sized fruit.

Target Audience

The company, ‘Bonsai Fruits’ was developed to provide bonsai fruit trees to those who may not have a garden to grow a life size fruit tree and yet find themselves wanting one. Nowadays many more and more people are living in apartments and with the rush of everyday life don’t have the time to maintain any kind of greenery. Bonsai fruit trees are small miniature trees that take up about as much space as a vase. They not only bear fruit as regularly as a normal sized fruit tree, allowing you to have fresh fruit when in season, but are also a great decorative feature to add some colour to you home. Bonsai Fruit trees can be kept inside, on a balcony, or in a garden and require minimum maintenance; watering it twice a week with the provided fertilizing water keeps your tree fresh and healthy. Our Bonsai fruit trees can be bought as saplings or as full-grown trees and we do our best to provide you with quality, healthy trees, guaranteed!

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