Thursday, September 8, 2011


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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The internet has now become something that is not quite necessary for living but many people believe it is. It has become an invaluable resource for communication not only among friend and family but also for companies and businesses. It has made it so that almost anything can be at your fingertips by just being in front of a computer or any kind of device that works with internet. Shopping, dealing with clients, looking for new jobs, checking recent statistics, watching movies, researching new finds, we have become so dependent on the internet that I don't know what would happen if it were to go away.

Mind you, I have no problem whatsoever with being almost completely obsessed with the internet!

People Forcing Religion on Others

When people strongly believe in something no one should try and go out of their way to prove them wrong. Let them stick with their beliefs. The same should go for those who choose not to believe, leave them alone and let them be. If someone doesn't believe in God and they do not care that they may 'rot in hell' or 'live a miserable life' then leave them alone. Telling them that Christ is the only one that can save them will not suddenly make them convert religions but will probably though them off even more! And this is not just for Christianity but for all religions; give people a chance to make their own opinion before you suddenly decide that your is better.

This is not just an issue for adults but children as well. Children of Muslims will grow up to be Muslims, children of Hindu parents will grow up to be Hindu and children of Christians will grow up to be Christians. The children often never actually get a choice of what they want to do but are forced to follow in their parents footsteps as it is simply expected of them.


Anti-gays (or just about anti-anything) that seek to hurt and offend other people irritate me more than anything else! Not only will people say hurtful things about others that do no more than maybe hold hands in public but they will actually seek them out to hurt them. If everyone were to make every dislike of theirs known it would probably be in issue for those around them but because of how many people disapprove of and LGBT person it suddenly becomes okay for them voice their dislike and loudly.

I believe the expression 'If you don't have anything nice to say don't day anything at all' expression comes to mind.

Making Pancakes as fluffy as Possible

To make fluffy pancakes you can either use fluffy pancake mix (I don't know if this exists but apparently there's lots of stuff like this in America) or modify the reciepe when making pancakes from scratch. Baking powder, baking soda, flour, sugar, milk/water, oil/butter and an egg; all the stuff you need to make a basic pancake. To make them fluffier you can use self rising flour and ass baking soda to it! You have to be careful with quantities though! If you add too much liquid the pancakes will lose fluffiness.

Which Came First; the Chicken or the Egg?

An ongoing debate; which came first, the chicken or the egg? not being able to have a chicken without and egg but not being able to have an egg without a chicken makes this a question that has been going on for ages (why a chicken and no other bird I'm not quite sure.)

This question is almost like a guess game, an either or/true or false one. All one has to do is pick a side and yet this riddle has scientists trying to figure it out!

6 Billion Spent on Repairing San Francisco Bridge in China

China now appears to not only be making most of the clothes, toys and trinkets but now is also making bridges for the western world. Rather than repairing the San Francisco Bridge that was damaged in 1989 in North America itself it is being done so in china and shipped over to the USA in parts.

This seems to be one of those 'some assembly required' items that China has yet again outdone other in. Rather than giving their own country who they claim is in a economical crisis work they are giving it to a country that is no little distance away. China must have had an excellent offer for the USA to go so out of it's way to have them repair this bridge.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

'Generating Topics' topics

New York threatened by hurricane Irene
Gang Wars
6 bil. spent on San Francisco bridge being repaired in China
UN warns against mutant strain on bird flu virus
Apple brand deals with counterfeits
at&t unlimited data plan now limited
Missouri bans student/teacher relationships on facebook
US gas prices dropping
Casey Anthony case
Uncle of Barak Obama arrested
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Should secondary education be free?
Was the Iraq war necessary?
Should Abortions be legal?
Do gods exist?
should the death penalty be used?
Should assisted suicide be punishable by law in all cases?
Can terrorism be justified?
Should condoms be sold in schools?
Should primates be used for developing vaccines?
Korean TV shows
Jewelery Making
Apple (company) products
Apple (fruit) products
Making trinkets
Small things you can collect; golf balls, acorns, bottle caps, rocks, shiny things
Making pancakes as fluffy as possible
Figuring out mind puzzles
Trying to match socks all the time!
People forcing religion on others
Political Wars (between party's)
Abusive parents/relatives
Hunting for Sport
Making new candies
Music Industry
Cosplay Events
Wendy's Chili
Gay Marriage + Adoptions EVERYWHERE
J-Pop day
Spring Break
SM town concert in america
Halloween parties
Live in Italy as a maid
Kuroshitsuji III
Anime Nation 2012
Kitty (I want!)
Alcoholic Beverages
Plastic Surgery
Beyonce getting pregnant
Rising Stars
Reality TV
Jersey Shore