Thursday, January 19, 2012

Logo Design (examples)

I like the use of feet to create the hears which seems to be the main selling point of this logo and the colour relation between the feet and the word 'heart' for those who might not have seen the shape of the heart in the feet (although I don't see how'd they's miss that.) I like the worn texture on the feet and how it matched with the stencil like text I don't particularly see a purpose for it.

I like the connection between the word cats (which I think is what men used to refer to women as a couple of decades ago) and women but because the word cats somewhat is meaning women's in this logo the appearance of the word 'womens' at the bottom look redundant and seems to be there for nothing but aesthetic purposes (to balance out the text to fit under the word cats) I also Like how the cat's form becomes a shoe but the shape of the head looks less sensual than the rest of it's form. I would have personally turned the head to a profile view to make it more shapely.

For this logo I noticed the shape of glasses first and the form on wine bottles after reading the text. It's a very simple design and straight to the point. t's a very delicate logo and probably shouldn't be used to the purposed of billboards os signs unless they are being made at a large scale and cropped in to the logo with minimal white boarders around it. This logo literally makes you 'look' for the wine in the shape of the glasses which I found to be a very interesting concept.

For this logo the text is the design itself and is manipulated into the shape or general form of a fish. Like the 'wine searcher' logo, it's only after you see the shape of the fish that you realize that this design is also read as 'fish'. It appears simple but must have had a lot of though put into it.

This is another logo that plays with only text to get the concept across to the viewers though both images/design and text. I find this logo to be very successful. The letters are put very close together so that once there is a break in the letters the space becomes a focal point to be shaped.

This logo appears to be a bison and is read as 'BISON'. It is like a combination of the 'fish' and 'bison' logo above. The text is put very close together so that is seen as a shape rather than text to be read and yet you can still read the text. The text itself has been warped to create the form of a bison while still remaining legible. While i don't know what exactly this logo could be used for I think of it a successful piece.

This logo doesn't particularly morph the text in any way but instead makes use of the somewhat human characteristics of one of the letters in a very human way. The letter 'i' is seen as being 'dead' as it is turned on it's side rather than remaining upright like the rest of the letters. With it having a 'head' we automatically see it as being a representation of a human that is dead and with it in the setting it is it was probably 'killed'. A very creative way of using simple text and humanizing the characters.

This logo is very similar to the one above with how it uses just simple standard text that hasn't really been stretched or manipulated to change form. This logo doesn't humanize any of the characters but instead turns one of the characters (once again the 'i') into the action that the word itself says. Out of the logos I've found I find this one and the one above it to be the most successful. With making the text more than just text but also an action and making the background colour emphasize that action it makes it much stronger than just illustrating.

This logo manages to complete itself as being read. The 2 'o's form a footprint of a shoe and the text itself reads 'foot' which has me make the connection of footwear (shoes).

The connection of the abbreviated letters to the words themselves adds good contrast to the logo and the use of letters to create the shape of a baby cart (? can't remember what it called) also well done. I don't think this would be good for a billboard but seeing as how it says online I'll assume it's for only online viewing which is what it appears to be suitable for. I would have used different colours than the ones used, the pink and yellow are very pale and not suitable for logos in my opinion, it also makes the logo appear somewhat feminine and might only appeal to parents with female children, the use of a blue or green would do this logo good.

...I just really like the idea of cardboard spaceships...personally I think this is a bit too complicated/long to be a logo but would do well as a letter head or something along those lines.

This also uses text to create a form that gives action to the word. The two 'f's being used as steam/fumes (whatever you want to call it) coming up from the coffee makes the coffee itself appear more appealing along with making the logo look very appealing. The colours used for this logo are also very suitable for what it is representing. The text and design is the same colour as foam ontop of coffee and the background is the colour of the liquid coffee. overall this logo successfully displays what is being marketed, and makes it appear to be a very appealing product that people would want to buy.

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